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Tangents, vol 2

Rick, Anna, Dan, and Matylda remain in the same weird place they awoke. New people appear, and they seem to be holding answers to this odd place. But are they willing to share them? Is the Community really the Utopia they claim it to be? Danger lurks in the darkness, but is it really that safe during the day?


The question remains, will Rick and his friends be able to make it back home again? And more to the point, do they even want to?


Tangents volume 2 is the second and last part of the Tangents series and offers excitement, romance, and a little horror along with some moral dilemmas.

Tangents, vol 2

69,00 krPris

    Titel: Tangents, vol 2

    Bokserie: Tangents

    Del i serien: 2

    Författare: Agatha Rae

    Genre: Fantasy / Sci-fi

    Utgiven: 2019-03-20

    ISBN: 9789188795700

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