Do you have a script you think might be for us?

Is it romance, fantasy or erotica?

Then get in touch with us for more info regarding publication.

The following applies when 
you are ready to send us you script :


# Read through your script again! 

The more misses and weaknesses you erase before sending the script, the better. 


Use your word processor's spell checking feature.


# Use a simple layout as possible. 

You don't need to use a particular font. But if you want to use a font that is easy to read: Garamond or Bookman Old Style works fine. The important thing is that the text is readable, organized and proofread.


# Proper margines all around - put the settings on A4 size, 2,54 cm. Do not use your own measurements.


# Correct line spacing - 

one and a half to double row spacing.


# Time to sen in the script -

We only take digital script in pdf or Word. 


# Don't forget - send a short presentation of yourself, your name and e-mail address.


# Last but not least - submit your hole script. You don not need to write a synopsis if you don't want to, but write what your book is about shortly. Also what age you think it would fit. Don't forget which  genre it is.


When we receive your script 

it can take 1-3 month before

we can reply  regarding

a publication.


Send your script to:

A writer is simply a photographer of thoughts.

-Brandon A. Trean


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